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Dell XPS 13 audio problems? Here’s how to get your sound back!

AM2 developed what Sega hoped would be the Dreamcast’s killer app, Shenmue, a “revenge epic in the tradition of Chinese cinema”, with a level of detail considered unprecedented for a video game. According to Moore, Shenmue sold “extremely well”, but had no chance of making a profit due to the Dreamcast’s limited installed base. The […]

How to Fix Something Went Wrong “0x80049dd3” on Windows

One of the root causes of any mic-related issues is loose connections. Make sure that your mic is or everything is properly connected. There may be different types of issues depending on the mic connector and the jack of your laptop/PC. If you cannot hear the microphone, you should click “Troubleshooting” from the Start screen. […]

microphone problem on google meet Google Meet Community

Look out for that number when reading our product reviews. Even with perfect service and coverage, the way that audio is packed and sent over Bluetooth is another bottleneck that degrades audio quality and the overall experience. But if the network’s flaky, things can get much worse rapidly. This is probably caused by incompatibility issues; […]

Fix Audio Static Crackling Popping with Realtek Sound Card

If the volume Microphone test icon shows your mic is muted, please click on it to unmute microphone. Next, check your microphone settings in Google Meet. Make sure that your microphone is turned on and set to the correct device. If it’s still not working, try restarting your computer or browser. If you’re having audio […]

How To Fix Duolingo App Microphone Not Working On Android 12

Vizio’s SmartCast TVs are known for their integrated Chromecast support, making it an easy sell for Android users. Now, a host of Vizio smart TVs are also eligible for a SmartCast 3.0 upgrade. I discovered today that my phone no longer connects to my Vizio TV via the SmartCast app. Today was the first time […]